Bryan Witt

Please support Bryan Witt for US Congress – California’s 27th Congressional District.

What Inspires Bryan to Run for Office?

Progress Over Profit – People Over Party

Bryan Witt, the only candidate that will place People Over Party.

Over the past 40 years, the leadership of both parties have thrown the working-class and small business owners overboard. They have handed our country over to Wall Street, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Fossil Fuel Industry and Silicon Valley.

The results have been catastrophic.

Their policies have produced a shrinking middle-class, massive levels of inequality, endless war, and the abandonment of organized labor.

I have pledged not to accept any contributions from political action committees, super-pacs or corporations. Not now and not ever. ~”Progress Over Profit”

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We are in this race to win it!.

But only if we stand united, together we can, we can win together. We need you. Join us now!


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