About Bryan Witt

About Bryan Witt


I have lived and worked in the 27th Congressional District for over 45 years and although I was born here, like many of you, I am from a family of immigrants. My grandparents came here from Holland in the early 20th century and just like many of our friends and neighbors, they were simply seeking a better life. My parents were amazing people who taught us the value of hard work, honesty and a good sense of humor.
Early in my career, I volunteered as a reserve police officer with the City of South Pasadena and later decided to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. My 4 years of service in the Marines, at the height of the cold war, taught me a great deal about keeping a cool head when tensions are high.
One of my commanding officers once told me: “We have this amazing technology, but we still have to be able to think and make quick decisions when that technology breaks down or fails.”

Having served in a high-security Navy facility in Southern England, I saw first-hand the delicate balance of action and reaction that was necessary with a potential foe like the Soviet Union.
When my service was finished, I worked for several years with my father at the New York Life Insurance Company and was able to see how families were made better off because dad stopped by one evening to talk about life insurance.
This experience clearly demonstrated how many of us are one death or unexpected illness away from financial ruin. For nearly ten years, I have worked as a union employee with Amtrak in downtown Los Angeles.

I am currently an Operations Supervisor, handling inspections and other mission-critical work for our long-distance trains and Crewbase activities. As a railroad worker, I am a strong proponent of public transportation and will fight for a permanent source of funding for our passenger rail system.

After becoming inspired by Senator Bernie Sanders during the 2016 presidential primary, I decided to run for City Council in the City of Pasadena. What was happening in our city was just another version of what happens at the county, state and federal level – where party insiders, wealthy donors and elected officials combine their interest so everyone wins…that is everyone except the people.

I learned as both Marine and police officer that there is always a wolf at the door – but now it seems the wolf is inside both houses of Congress. Because of this, we desperately need people with integrity, courage and common sense to correct this situation. My belief is that most of us want the same things and I will always place our country and my constituents ahead of party loyalty.

Why I’m running?

Over the past 40 years, the leadership of both parties have thrown the working-class and small business owners overboard. They have handed our country over to Wall Street, the Military-Industrial Complex, the Fossil Fuel Industry and Silicon Valley. The results have been catastrophic.

Their policies have produced a shrinking middle-class, massive levels of inequality, endless war, and the abandonment of organized labor. Our political leaders have shown, by their actions, that they are incapable of uniting our country and confronting the issues at hand. Because of this crisis in leadership, I’m running for California’s 27th Congressional seat, as a Democrat, in 2018.

Because I’ve chosen to remain independent, I can pursue policies and legislation that will serve all of us and not just a privileged few. My goal is to expand and improve on the rights we should all enjoy as citizens of this country like:

  • The right to adequate medical care
  • The right to a good education
  • The right to a job
  • The right to earn a living wage
  • The right to live in a decent home

I have pledged not to accept any contributions from political action committees, super-pacs or corporations. Not now and not ever.


Thank you…

Fighting for the Middle Class